The pregnancy advice you never got – Mom’s tell all!

The pregnancy advice you never got – Mom’s tell all!

It’s the one thing you are bound to get whenever you get pregnant, whether it’s the first or the fifth time? Read on and you’ll know just what we are talking about…

There is one thing all pregnant women are bound to get… and in abundance too! No we don’t mean the swollen feet or the strange food cravings. We are talking about the one thing everyone feels happy to share with any pregnant woman, irrespective of his or her experience– and that is advice! So if you take most of what you hear, from all quarters, with a pinch of salt, we say go ahead! However, when it’s advice coming from honest young moms to all the moms-to-be, you don’t want to miss it. Especially because they tell us things that no one told them. So sit up mommies-to-be and gather these pearls of wisdom, because we are sure this not something your friendly neighbourhood aunt will ever tell you!



Mom: Nivedita Das Narayan, mother of a 7 year old

Advice: Pregnancy is the courtship period that lulls you to assume all the love and attention will continue to be on you. That’s something nobody warns you about.
Our take: Well, we know that one only too well now don’t we, but it’s something that unsuspecting moms-to-be who are enjoying all the T.L.C. are oblivious to.


Mom: Bhavna Rawlley, mother of a 4 year old

Advice: Never over-trust your gynaecologist; follow your instincts, because sometimes mommy does know best!
Our take: Yes, your doctor is your best advisor and no one will ever tell you not to listen to him/her. But you also need to follow your instinct, and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, so make sure you are heard.


Mom: Dilshad Pavri, mother of a 3 year old

Advice: Learn everything you need to know about morning sickness early on, you want to be prepared of you have the more severe kind.
Our take: Everyone tells you that being sick is normal, but some moms get the raw end of the deal and may have a condition that makes them experience their symptoms throughout the pregnancy, and you don’t want to be caught by surprise about something like this. After all you have to tide through 9 months, and a little knowledge always provides you with reassurance.


Mom: Devika Puri, mother of 2 year old

Advice: No one and I mean no one told me that my vision will change during pregnancy, and for a person with glasses and a baby belly, bumping into things wasn’t exactly a great thing!
Our take: With the hormones and metabolic changes in your body, vision change is possible. It is not often talked about, but it is known to happen, so ladies with glasses beware!


Mom: Shruti Jobanputra, mother of a 3 and 13 year old

Advice: Nobody told me that my mood swings during pregnancy could get quite as nasty. While I was told that mood swings were normal, but no one warned me about being an emotional wreck the first few months. I wish someone had just said it’s just the hormones to my partner or me.
Our take: Yes hormones can get the best of you, and its wise to have that discussion with  your spouse who might otherwise be caught by surprise at the emotional weep bag he is suddenly married to.


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