Isha Ambani Reveals A Surprising Fact About Her Family

Isha Ambani has been in the news in the last few months due to her high-profile wedding. The scion married Anil Piramal in a lavish celebration that went on for days. The shaadi took place at Antila, the famous Ambani residence in Mumbai. From Bollywood stars to intentional celebrities, the biggest names in the world of entertainment graced the occasion. In fact, Beyonce sang her chartbusters at one of the ceremonies.


Now, Ambani has given an interview to a leading magazine and has revealed an interesting fact about her family. Isha has a twin brother Akash and she has stated that they were born via IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). Mukesh and his wife Nita had the twins seven years after tying the knot and till now no one knew that the couple opted for this method of childbirth. Besides Akash and Isha, the Ambani have another son - Anant.


In the interview, she also spoke highly of her mother, who resumed work when Isha and Akash were five years old. Isha said that her mom managed the home while helping Mukesh Ambai with the business at the same time. Today, Nita Ambani handles the Mumbai Indians team in the Indian Premier League and the Dhirubhai Ambani International School.


For those who don't know, IVF is a process in which the egg is combined with the sperm outside the body. While it is completely legal in India there are certain laws attached to it. The procedure is also expensive and does not have a 100% success, hence couples think twice before opting for it.


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