Strange pregnancy rituals around the world that will leave gob-smacked!

Strange pregnancy rituals around the world that will leave gob-smacked!

If you thought being pregnant is hard, wait till you hear what some women around the world endure with a baby in their belly….

It is often said that “Fact is stranger than fiction' and we couldn't agree more! Especially when we learnt about some of the strange rituals that surround being pregnant in different parts of the world. Read on and you'll know exactly what we mean!

1. China:

Chinese take the baby making business seriously! The pregnant woman is not allowed to attend funerals, gossip or even laugh out loud. But the real punishment for both the parents-to-be involved – absolutely no sex during pregnancy!

2. Portugal:

If you have pets in Portugal and you get pregnant, it could be a real conundrum, you see the Portuguese believe that having a pet around can lead to having a hairy baby.

3. Japan:

If you thought the Portugal and Chinese were being dramatic, wait till you hear the custom in Japan. It is believed that if you want to avoid birthmarks on your baby's body, then the mother-to-be must not look at fire. Really now? Ever heard of the Sun!

4. UK:

Now although this myth seems to originate from some science, we wouldn't bet our money on it. You see in UK it is believed that the baby's heart rate can help determine the gender of the baby. If the heart rate is fast it is likely to be a girl, and a slower heart rate indicates a boy.

5. Bulgaria:

If you are an ambitious woman, then this is the country to be. In this country, a mother gets a 100% paid maternity leave for a full year and the minimum salary during the second year. Talk about work life balance mommas!

6. Bali:

We know your bundle of joy is precious for you. But in Bali, this takes on a whole new meaning. As per tradition, a baby's feet must not touch the ground for the first 105 days. Not that your newborn is likely to walk so soon, but still!

7. Russia:

Want an easy childbirth? Then start spilling the beans of your past, or so the Russians say! Yes, you read that right. It is a Russian custom to tell all about your past to your spouse and also learn all about his, if you want an easy childbirth. Honesty seems to be a pain free policy in this country we think!

Aren't you glad that the most that you have to put up with during your pregnancy is a little extra ghee in your food? Know of any more strange pregnancy customs, let us know, we would love to hear from you!


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