This Dad Appreciation Post Is The Sweetest Thing You'll Read Today

This Dad Appreciation Post Is The Sweetest Thing You'll Read Today

Yes, behind every strong mom and great child, there is a father. There are some daddy duties which if every dad does, the entire family is happy. Pratik never realized that staying up the whole night, feeding the baby, and the sore body is making me crazy. But once we had a discussion over it, he was always there for me and Kreesha. We have to make them realize that giving birth to a child is a tough job and we need help to bring him/her up.


*Mothers are to feed so as fathers are for sleep. Both tasks are important to develop a bond with parents. (Meanwhile, mamma can sleep and take rest).
*Make them check on medicines, diapers, doctor appointment, and other necessary nursery items. (This habit is bliss for a lifetime).
*Nappy change, massage, playtime, reading must be a turn by turn job. So that both can have some me time.
*Love your wife even more. Talk to her. You are the one she needs most. She gave birth to something magical which you are part of.

Share your views on how your partner helped and still helping you in bringing up the kid. And pour some love to them for doing things for you.

And share this post with your husband, and expecting parents so  that they are prepared in advance.



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