7 Activities To Do With Your Children This Independence Day!

In today's times, where our children see abundance more often than they experience a social crisis, it's important that we help them connect back to the roots and instil in them a sense of belongingness and pride for India. That story truly starts from the Independence Day. Apart from reading books and showing TV programmes, you could also initiate some hands-on activities for young toddlers and pre-schoolers.


1. The flag hoisting ceremony

It is a tradition to watch our national flag get unfurled and lend our ears when an inspirational figure speaks. These flag hoisting ceremonies take place at government offices, schools, and even in the community buildings. Get up early, and take your child to watch the colors of our national flag. Explain to them what these shades signify: saffron stands for courage and sacrifice, white for peace, purity and truth, green for faith, fertility and chivalry, and the blue Ashoka Chakra signifies righteousness.


2. Cook with the Tri-Colors

No better day to spend some quality time with your child in the kitchen, is there? Not only can you teach your child some basic cooking skills, but also have them tap into the day's spirit. Help your kid lay out the tri-colored sandwiches! Or, check out the tri-coloured Idli recipe on BabyChakra..


3. Watch a Patriotic Movie

Sure, it's a holiday. But that doesn't stop Bollywood from making films based on strong values inspired from the 1940's! Paint your faces, grab a bucket-full of popcorns, and settle down to watch any patriotic movie on the T.V. Be it Rang De Basanti, Gandhi, Swades, Lakshya, Lagaan, or any other movie of your choice, there will sure be a dab of long forgotten history lessons and a conversation starter with your children.


4. Visit a Historic Monument

There is rarely a city in India that isn't famous for its role in attempts at Indian independence. The Red Fort of Delhi, Gateway of India in Mumbai, and Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace at Bangalore are just some of the unforgettable historical milestones. Take your kid out for a memorable trip and explain the significance of memories that stand just as erect.

Try going to a place where you can set up a symbolic picnic. While having those homemade tri-colored sandwiches, tell your kid how groups weren't allowed to gather at one place. The people who had defied this act happened to be the victims of Jalianwala Baug Massacre. We should be grateful for being able to hang out with our families and friends there even today, don't you think?


5. Gift your child with a souvenir

It could be anything from a badge, or a themed t-shirt to the ancient coins and stamps. Memories of the day's significance will come back every time your kid lays eyes upon that souvenir. Did you know? The first stamp of our country had the Indian flag imprinted upon it, whereas the Ashoka emblem had been printed on the second stamp of our country. Then again, the two bundles of wheat appearing on the earliest of our country's coins signify our prosperity in agriculture.


6. Organize some games and contests

Gilli Danda, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Hopscotch, Kite Flying, Ludo, Chess, and Snakes & Ladders are some of the games that have been played by several generations of our nation. Have a family get-together and play these native Indian sports just for the fun of it!

Organize contests like fancy dressing, musical chair, or even dancing. Everybody loves a bit of music and props (Try out a Gandhi cap made out of newspaper). Don't forget to take your video handycam along and save those moments when your child enacts them! 



7. Have the artist within you flow

Maybe it's time for your child to learn arts, crafts, drawing, painting or rangoli making. Arm them with a water-color paint set, and watch the world of their imagination spill onto blank sheets. You may teach them how to make the Indian flag using a bunch of saffron, green and white colored pulses (or crayon shavings) along with some glue. What's more, maybe you can make them a tri-colored pinwheel, a handprint peacock, and even a foam cup tiger! Or three foam cup monkeys, if you know what that means…


As the Independence Day dawns, you will have spent some quality time with your child and shared with them what it means to be proud of this country. Celebrate history, celebrate culture, celebrate peace. Have an amazing Independence Day! 


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