Weaning Foods That'll Help Your Baby Gain Weight

Weaning Foods That'll Help Your Baby Gain Weight

Weight gain in babies is one of the major concerns for some new parents. A consistent and healthy weight gain determines our babies good health and also help our infants achieve their milestones easily. Many babies are able to consistently gain weight as they grow but some are always on the lower side of the weight chart.


The reason for this is usually a baby not taking adequate amount of  milk during the first six months,  breastfeed issues, only formula feeding and that too inadequate, colic in initial months etc.


Also, babies usually lose their appetite during teething or through episodes of illness like viral infections, urinary tract infections, diarrhea etc which leads to major weight loss in some of them. Though overweight or chubbiness in a baby is not an indication of good health and it's the inner immunity and good health which matters still it's important for babies to have age appropriate weight and diet.


Here’s a list of some foods which must be included in a babies diet at various steps of weaning and which can help in weight gain are:


1. Weaning usually starts with light fruit and vegetable purees but gradually one must include banana, sweet potatoes, chikoo, pear, peach, avocado, peas, carrots etc in babies diet to help the baby gain some weight. Adding them to their daliya, sooji upma, sheera and khichdi also help.


2. Sathu maavu is one of the most recommend food by many experienced mothers as it has a mix of many kinds of cereals like ragi and sabut pulses provide complete nutrition for a baby. It's like a homemade Cerelac minus preservatives and added colors or flavors. It's pure and homemade.


3. When we talk of the medium for cooking babies food, in my opinion, homemade desi ghee, if used in optimum quantities is the best. It helps the baby develop strong bones, helps bowel movement and also is good for weight gain. Adding it to babies soup, daal, khichdi, daliya is very beneficial. Besides ghee another medium which is very good is olive oil. If possible one must also use it for its nutrient value and lightness.


4. Weaning doesn't mean that the babies requirement and need for milk becomes very less. Till one year milk still is a major source of nutrition for the baby so milk and other milk products like curd, homemade paneer, white butter and even cheese for babies nearing a year are good.


5. Dry fruits or nuts are known for their good quality fats. So adding them in powder form to babies sheera, Kheer, daliya, khichdi, and even kheer, custard etc is a good way to add healthy fats to babies diet.


6. Last but not the least people who can eat eggs or non-vegetarian food can give it to babies too. A boiled egg, simple sunny side up or french toast for elder babies can be tried. Also a chicken clear soup with grated veggies, a simple fish dish is good. Elder babies can be given shredded red meat too as it's difficult to digest for infants.


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