12 India-Themed Toddler Activities For Independence Day!

A long Independence Day weekend is just round the corner and there's a lot you can do with your toddler to share your love and pride for India. As always, we like to undertake some Montessori-inspired activities which are both fun and a great way to introduce new concepts.


Take a look at our shelf. I have used some flags and posters to create the India-theme:


The first tray was an introduction to our tri-color national flag, along with some geographical study. I created a little Asia continent printable with India on it. We also studied the phonic sound “I" of India.



We then moved on to our favorite scooping / pouring work using rice and two other lentils. This gelled with the tri-color of the Flag :)



Then we studied about famous freedom fighters of India along with some special national attributes.



We also had fun studying the national - state animals of India!



Next up, we matched some famous spices of India to their printable cards!



We also used music instrument cards and art appreciation cards as pre-reading cards:



Next, we had a fun time matching artistic elephants! Such a great visual discrimination activity.


We also did a pre-writing activity by making black stripes on a Tiger.


And finally we did some FUN fine motor activity using DIY Flags and Tri-color clay :)


You can download all the printables here for free:

1. Elephant matching – visual discrimination

2. Famous Indian (Asian) Animals

3. Famous Indian musical instruments

4. I is for India

5. India – Asia continent study

6. India – famous attributes

7. India art cards

8. Indian Freedom Fighters

9. Indian national flag

10. Indian spices

11. Main occupation of India – Agriculture

12. Tiger- make stripes

Watch this video to get an even better hang of how we did it all!

Hope you enjoy doing these activities with your child as much as we did! Do share your comments on the BabyChakra APP, I would love to hear from you!

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