Corporate Maternity Schemes: Maharashtra

Corporate Maternity Schemes: Maharashtra

Juggling work with maternal responsibilities becomes an arduous task for pregnant women and new mothers. To ensure better employee health and to address the growing concerns for adequate childcare, several companies have put several maternity schemes and policies in place.


The schemes cover a wide range of maternal issues such as maternity leave, mediclaim, flexible work hours and in-house creches.

These policies play a dual role. They provide a much-needed respite for pregnant women and new mothers from the corporate hustle-bustle. This ensures employee satisfaction which is of paramount importance for the smooth functioning of an organization.


It is also an employee's right to demand a company maternity benefit policy if one isn't in place already. It is also a company's duty to provide a benefit scheme on humanitarian grounds.


In such a scenario, government rules and schemes provide a good reference framework for companies to derive their own schemes. Some of the key features of a good maternity scheme are:

Maternity leave:


12-26 weeks(paid)




a comprehensive mother-child coverage


Flexible work hours:


companies can provide flexible work hours to new mothers for a mutually agreed time period or provide an option of working from home



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