Independence Day Is Coming Up. What Have You Taught Your Children?

There are so many things we want and need to teach our children as they grow up. We have to teach them right from wrong, how to follow their dreams and ambitions, and how to become people we and they can be proud of. It is a lot of work and there is so much we have to draw from in order to accomplish this.

One of the first things we want to teach our child is where he or she comes from. Their cultural identities and their backgrounds are an important part of the people they will become. This is why it is very important to share the history of the country of their background. It provides an understanding for the child especially if he or she is being raised outside of India.

My own child is an Indian but has been born and will be raised in America. Her father and I both want her to understand and identify herself as Indian as well as American. We will teach her the importance of Indian history and how India not only worked towards independence but did manage to achieve it. We want her to understand that it was not easy for a India to change the way they were and reinvent herself but with enough time and work and dreams, India is growing up and maturing. Great things will come to those who believe that they will happen. And we want to share this lesson and this special day with our child.

I believe that my child can only achieve total confidence in herself if she understands who she truly is and where she comes from. There are so many different aspects to India's independence that will help her achieve this. Learning about her country's history will provide a background for her and give her something to be proud of. We want her to know that Mahatma Gandhi as well as the freedom fighters and so many others did whatever they could to gain independence. It is important for our children to learn that sometimes we have to stand up for our beliefs even if it isn't the easiest thing to do. Knowing that the country of her background had to fight for her beliefs and had to struggle incredibly to achieve her dream will provide a great example for my child to follow.

It is definitely important to teach our children about India's Independence Day. It is one of the most historical and crucial turning points in India's life. As we teach our children about this day, we can pass on the feelings of pride we have for our country. We can pass on the significance of this achievement. And especially for those of us who do not live in India currently, we can pass on our culture and traditions to our children as well.

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