Say Cheers to India with this Tricolor Juicy Punch!

Say Cheers to India with this Tricolor Juicy Punch!

By way of parenting, all we are trying to do is to leave healthy, happy and smart citizens in this country when we ourselves are no more ;-) Isn't it? 

The most cliched but the most successful key to all three attributes, lies in your child's food. Think healthy foods and we visualize fruits among other things!

Here's the recipe to your Fruity Mocktail which is surely going to make your family sit up with pride!


For Orange Juice

1. Oranges - 2

2. Sugar – ½ tsp

For White Juice

1. Banana - 1

2. Milk - 1/2 cup

3. Sugar – ½ tsp

For Green Juice

1. Kiwi - 1

2. Water - 1/2 cup

3. Sugar – ½ tsp


Step 1: Squeeze the orange juice by hand or using a juicer. Mix the sugar. Strain it and keep aside.

Step 2: Grind the banana and sugar to a smooth puree. Add the milk and blend. Strain and keep it ready.

Step 3: Wash the blender and puree the kiwi with sugar. Add water and blend again. Strain it through a strainer and keep aside.

Serve in separate glasses and place them side by side.

Other options for making Tricolor juice

1. Orange color juice - Mango, Papaya

2. White - Lychee Juice, coconut milk

3. Green juice - Honeydew, cucumber

Raise a toast to India's health and prosparity! Don't forget to add in a dash of patriotism while making them. Jai Hind!

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