Swaddles, Bibs & Burp Clothes

Swaddles, Bibs & Burp Clothes

The wide market of various kinds of baby wipes already explains how much mess a little one can create. And above that, if you are parenting a #refluxingbaby, your shoulder is going to be smelly, wet or moist most of the time as the baby will wet burp often.

The burp clothes available in the market won't suffice the outpour even for once. So I took a large pair of scissors, 3 old, soft cotton sarees and cut out small pieces of wash clothes from them. In totality, I cut each saree into 24 small pieces of wash clothes.


I also made swaddles out of soft cotton sarees. I folded the saree 2 folds, ironed it to stretch the fabric as much as possible and hemmed the edges together. These swaddles were much bigger than those available in the market and served the purpose better by giving the warmth and comfort of a dohar to the baby.


You also need a lot of tie up bibs. I made sure that the bibs had a soft waterproof layer below the soft microfiber cloth. They saved me the multiple changing of clothes. This is important as wetness around the baby’s neck and chest can cause cough cold and even pneumonia. Now I even use his old small clothes as burp clothes or wash clothes. Since the swaddles that I had bought lost the shape and my baby didn't fit into them after a month or so, they are now serving the purpose of burp clothes.


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