Is It Safe To Have Sex During The Third Trimester?

Is It Safe To Have Sex During The Third Trimester?

If your pregnancy is a normal and uncomplicated one, then you can go ahead and have sex even till you deliver. Do not worry about the baby. If you and your body are comfortable then, it will absolutely not harm your baby. Sex during the last trimester is also considered healthy. Due to your hormones being all over the place, your sex drive may get heightened during the last trimester of pregnancy. Finding the correct position is of utmost importance though. The best and the most preferred position is Spooning which should be very comfortable and will not put pressure on your internal organs.


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Times when sex during the third trimester is not safe

There are certain situations when it is not safe to have sex during this time. The reasons are listed below:

  • If you have placenta previa. This is a condition where your placenta covers all or part of your cervix. In this situation, if the penis comes in contact with the cervix and you have contractions as a result of consummation, it will cause internal bleeding which can be very dangerous for the pregnancy.
  • You have vaginal bleeding.
  • Once your water is broken, your baby is not protected against any infection.
  • You have or have had premature ('preterm') labor.
  • You have cervical insufficiency.
  • If you experience bleeding or spotting after sex, it is best to avoid it. Also, do get in touch with your gynecologist to determine the cause of it.
  • If you are expecting more than one baby, then your healthcare provider will advise you against having sex during this time.

Benefits of sex during the last trimester


  • It improves the connection between a couple and none of them end up feeling deprived.
  • There is a hormone in semen known as prostaglandin which softens the cervix and causes contractions.
  • During sex, women release a happy hormone called oxytocin which helps in bringing about contractions.
  • Orgasms help in strengthening the pelvis.


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Best positions for sex in the third trimester

As your pregnancy progresses, your body starts getting heavier and makes it uncomfortable during certain positions. Here is a list of positions which may be comfortable for you and your partner.


  • The spoon position is the best and the most preferred one during this time. It is comfortable too.
  • Another position would be the woman on top as it helps her to control the movements, pressure and speed. Just ensure that your partner doesn’t penetrate you too deeply as it may cause pain and discomfort to you.
  • The edge of the bed position is also a good option as it doesn’t put too much pressure on your growing belly and body.

Keep your partner in the loop if you experience any discomfort and make sure to speak to your gynecologist if you experience any bleeding or spotting post intercourse.

Sex positions to avoid

There isn’t any position which is really harmful to you or the baby. But, avoid any position which has you to lie on your tummy. Also, avoid very deep penetration as it may cause discomfort and sometimes bleeding too.

No matter what trimester  you're in, be rest assured that sex is a healthy part of pregnancy. As long as your doctor gives you the green signal, you’re free to do what feels good and whatever position suits you and your partner best. Pregnancy surely doesn’t mean the end of your intimacy in the bedroom.


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