The Importance Of Communication

So, the news of my pregnancy came as a surprise to us. My husband and I were not even ready for a baby or the news obviously. But no matter how unprepared you are, your parental instincts are always around the corner and we had it sorted out the same night, "we are going ahead and having the baby". The minute you know you're going to be a mother, the mother in you awakens like from nowhere or somewhere and then it's like it was always there. So, I started talking to my little unborn baby, scientifically called a fetus. It sounded stupid and bizarre to my husband, who has never dealt with pregnant women or kids since my sis in law was abroad, he never knew how it is to have a pregnant woman around. It was like I didn't have to know the gender of the baby, whether it was a girl or a boy it was my baby that's all that mattered.


Scientifically, too your baby can hear and sense sounds from the 20 weeks onwards. It can sense light from the 32 weeks. The baby recognizes it's a mother after birth through smell and the sound of her heartbeat which it has been hearing all along. So, back to the talking, yes I had talked to my baby when I was cooking, bathing, sitting and relaxing, every time I felt like I did so. Now, what did I speak, I spoke of all the good times, all the love and care I was gonna share with my baby. Even if something made me feel low and horrible I said it to my baby.


It continued all till my delivery and after my delivery, it went on to become more aggressive talking... I still talked to my baby every time I felt like.. I told my husband too, just talk whenever you are with the baby. Even then I was looked upon as a mad lady, "What will the baby understand?". I kept calm and told him he will and he does so just talk. Probably he never understood me then, but now he knows every bit of what I said and why... It helped it made a lot of difference, my son started picking up words and talked much earlier than his other cousins who are older than him.


My Aarav understood to communicate pain, potty, dirty, hungry, play and a lot more even before he could even speak. We built our own language now he's more verbal though. We never entertained him with TV or gadgets. I took my time for my boy. I was asked by a neighbor of mine "y don't you send your boy to a daycare and start working, you are an interior designer and can make a lot of money. Don't waste your time." I just replied to her and felt that it was enough. Want to know what my reply was? - "I'm not wasting my time, I'm investing my time, in my life, my boy, my Aarav”.


So keep talking to your little ones, to them you  are everything, they are confident and can confide anything in us. But you need to build that confidence and make it stronger each passing day. My son's first attempts were always with me because I was his confidence.


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Thnq baby joy

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Ramita Karki 👍👍👍

dennis armstrong thank you...

Great information worth sharing, communication is the key for family to be intact.



Great. Thank you for sharing your story. I am double sure that you have really encouraged many mothers out there.

Great. Thank you for sharing your story. I am double sure that you have really encouraged many mothers out there.

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