Activities To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

Activities To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life. This is  the time when she leaves everything aside and focuses on herself as the priority. There are a number of activities which should be avoided when a woman is pregnant to avoid unforeseen complications for both the mother and the baby. I this article, we will look at a list of activities which should be avoided during pregnancy.

Lifting heavy weights


You might be a fitness freak or a gym lover. You can surely  continue your  workout regime but, without the weights. Lifting anything heavy during this time can put pressure on your back and pelvis. Even at home, please avoid picking up anything heavy.

Yoga asanas


Yoga is considered as the best form of exercise for pregnant women as it helps in calming your mind and helps to prepare yourself for delivery. However, yoga also involves a lot of stretching, back bends and full inversions in some of its asanas which should be avoided at any cost. Prenatal yoga is a great way of keeping yourself physically active. It is a type of yoga which is specially designed for pregnant women and there are many prenatal yoga classes operating in most of the major cities.



We all love that relaxing sauna session once in a while. It helps to de stress and makes us relaxed and fresh. But, exposing yourself to such high temperatures when you are pregnant is a strict no.

Adventure rides


These rides give you that sudden adrenaline rush which is an amazing feeling for some of us. But, it is best to avoid them as firstly you will end up feeling more nauseous and secondly, the jerks and flips of the rides are extremely harmful for your baby.

Running and jogging


If you have been running all your life then, with your doctor’s consent you can continue with this activity throughout your pregnancy. It isn’t advisable to start off fresh when you are pregnant. A better alternative would be walking. It is easier and your chances of losing control over your body are also ruled out as against running and jogging.



Cycling is a totally bad idea for expectant mothers. Even for the experienced ones, it is only recommended till the second trimester as post that, the body’s center of balance shifts due to growing belly. Walking itself seems difficult at this point so, cycling is way out5 of question. Plus, you would not want to risk yourself and the baby when you are at open lanes and busy traffic areas.

High impact aerobics


I was a person who used to do rigorous aerobic workouts. When I got pregnant my gynecologist warned me against it as it involves alo5t of jerking and jumping which could have increased my chances of a slip or a fall and could have resulted in an injury. Also during pregnancy, as your body expands, your ligaments tend to become loose.

Stressful work


It is best to avoid anything that gives you stress; be it physical or mental. Research shows that a pregnant mother who takes a lot of stress could unknowingly affect her unborn and it could cause complications. Physically also it is best to avoid rigorous work, be it at home, office or even your workouts.

Lying on the belly


Avoid any activity which involves lying on the tummy. The position itself is very uncomfortable when you are expecting and it could cause injury to your baby. Avoid sleeping on your tummy as well.

Being physically active is vital during pregnancy but, not at the cost of your health and your baby’s well-being. Light exercises, walks, prenatal yoga are your best options as they keep you active without risking you or your baby. But, please do consult your doctor before beginning any form of activity.


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