5 Ways To Dress Up Your Child This Independence Day

As nation is gearing up to commemorate India's 70th Independence Day this year, schools will dive into fancy dress shows and plays that depict what our Nation stands for. To help you dress your child in tune with the flavour of the season, we have rounded up five innovative ways to dress up your child for this year's Independence Day celebration. Take a peek and get inspired!



Idea: Get creative with props

Caption: Don't just restrict yourself with ready-to-use costumes, instead look around and get creative with what you have at home. Think a balloon dress in the Indian flag colors or a head gear made just with the flags, or dress your child up as the map of India by making a life size cardboard cut-out – there are many options to explore.



Idea: Dress up as freedom fighters

Caption: You can dress your child up as a freedom fighter and have him say a line or two that is famously remembered by the nation.



Idea: Dress up as armed forces personnel

Caption: You can opt to dress up your child as a navy official or an army man. Teach him to salute and march like the army does and voila your little patriot is ready!



Idea: Dress up as a political leader

Caption: Have your child imitate either the political leaders of history or present times and give a speech that will have the audience roaring with applause.



Idea: Dress up as a mythological character

Caption: Have your child connect with the spiritual side by having him dress up as a character well known in the Indian mythology and culture.



Idea: Dressed up as the Indian flag

Caption: Have your child dress up as the Flag of India (or at least in those colours) and talk about how the flag of India was first made and how one must honour it.


These are some ideas to get you started to get your child in the National spirit. If you have any more suggestions, do post them as comments on the APP! Happy Independence Day - - Jai Hind!


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