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Being Momspiration: How To Inspire Your Kid

Being Momspiration: How To Inspire Your Kid

15 Aug 2015 | 4 min Read

Nandini Aravind

Author | 50 Articles

We as parents knowingly and at times unknowingly expect a lot from our kids. We often feel these expectations are for their growth, something that will help mould them into better human beings. I don’t entirely feel we are wrong, although at times we tend to focus on the outcome but miss the path needed to get there.

I don’t have a lot of experience as a mom..I have been one only since 3years. But in these 3 precious, amazing years there are many things I learnt from my daughter that I haven’t in my entire life. I realized that I was being watched carefully, every move every word was being scrutinized by little eyes and the little mind decoding it all.

I read a phrase recently and I quote “Be the person you want your child to be”! It doesn’t get more real than this. We need to be an inspiration to our children and guide them towards the path that will help them reach their goals. Here are few “momspirations” to help you move forward:

1. Practice what you preach:

If we want your child to practice something good, then shouldn’t we be an example to that. It could be from small habits like cleaning up or keeping your own wardrobe tidy to observing good mannerism.

2. Respect your own body:

In an age were body shaming is so rampant, as woman we often are unhappy with our bodies and this perceived notion is what our kids will inadvertently pick up. Love your body for what it is. It’s gone through pregnancy and motherhood, it needs to be appreciated with all its stretch marks and c section scars.

3. Make fitness a priority and eat healthy:

Setting an example is important, you can’t expect your child to be active and play outside while you are a couch potato. Get up and get moving, have morning family runs or after dinner walks.

Make exercise a daily to do, your child will thank you for it once they are all grown up. Eating healthy plays a vital role in fighting childhood obesity. Keep junk food something to indulge in once a month. As parents it’s important to practice eating healthy and helping your child to do the same.

4. Mannerisms, Behaviors and Tantrums:

As adults we can have an off day too. It’s so easy to break a fuse. At such times practice self control and restrain from getting worked up. Being good mannered ourselves helps our children learn the right way to behave. Recently I was in awe when my 3 yr old said “excuse me please” to a person blocking our way in the supermarket aisle. I appreciated her good manners while feeling so proud of her.

5. “Sorry” the miracle word:

We Moms are humans after all it’s ok to slip up, but it’s also equally important to take responsibility of our actions and apologize when we are being “naughty”. My hubby and I always make it a point to apologize if we are being mean to each or to our daughter. Best part is her reply that ‘it’s all ok’ and she forgives us. Teaching children to forgive is critical which will help them to let go of bad blood as adults.

6. Teaching the value of money:

Every child deserves the best of everything be it clothes, toys or the healthiest food. But knowing where to draw the line when spending is essential. Even if things are affordable it’s important to not go overboard buying stuff not only for our kids even for ourselves, this will teach your child the value of the object. And teaching them the fact that not everyone is lucky to have certain things. One of the best ways of teaching children value for money is to have a piggy bank to save money that can be used later on every month to buy something that is educative or useful.

A child is brought to this world like a clean slate, it’s up to us what we write on it! Breaking away from our intrinsic human nature of being flawed in many areas is difficult but making a start is all that it takes. Be a Momspiration today!











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