Pregnancy Is Contagious! Yes, You Read That Right

Pregnancy Is Contagious! Yes, You Read That Right

Pregnancy is an experience unlike any other. From the time you get the good news until you deliver, it’s nine months of pure joy. The entire family awaits the arrival of its newest member and the mom-to-be is pampered beyond measure. While the news calls for a celebration most people don’t announce it for the first few months. Whether it due to religious beliefs or superstitions or not, each couple has their own reasons for this.


Now a recent study reveals that once a woman announces her pregnancy, there are high chances that ladies in her circle will conceive too. Sounds strange, right? The research, conducted by the American Sociological Association Journal, states that when a woman knows about a friend's pregnancy, she tends to want a child of her own and it strengthens her confidence to have one. They also feel that they will have a companion who will relate to their ups and downs.


To reach this conclusion, the study analyzed profiles of over 1700 women for about a decade (1995-2005). The ones chosen for this were either close friends or acquaintances. At the end of the study, it was also noted that women get inspired by their female friends for decisions beyond pregnancy. A lady is  likely to make a career or  city change if she sees a close friend do the same. Well, with Women’s Day around the corner, it’s great to see how women encourage each other, even if it is subconsciously.


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