5 Foods To Eat On Maha Shivratri

5 Foods To Eat On Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri is a major festival in India and is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. People celebrating this day hold all-night vigils, offer milk, fruits, and sweets to Lord Shiva, and fast throughout the day.


If you are fasting today, here are the food items that you can eat:


Sabudana Khichdi


Made of tapioca, this is a common breakfast dish in Maharashtra. While you add potato, chili, and crushed peanuts to the khichdi, make sure you use kala namak instead of regular salt.


Rajgira Puri


Avoid maida, wheat or bajra when making puris and use rajgira  flour instead. Have this with potato or chutney.


Sweet Potato Kheer


Not only does this dish provides tonnes of energy, but it is also a great option to offer as prasad.




Blend sugar, water, dry fruits, cardamom powder, rose petals and khuskhus with milk to make this delicious drink.


Pumpkin Soup


A lot of people eat pumpkin when fasting. If you are bored of making a regular sabji, pumpkin is a good alternative.


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