Why Your Kid's Cutlery Should NOT Be Made Of Plastic

Why Your Kid's Cutlery Should NOT Be Made Of Plastic

When you are a parent, there are so many things you have to take care of. Most important of all though is the kid’s meals. A lot of moms claim that planning the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks is tougher than it looks like. It helps if you are passionate about cooking as otherwise, this may become a daunting task. Add to that, kids are fussy and reject food not only on the basis of taste but looks, color, smell, and texture too. But often while paying attention to what to cook, parents neglect the other aspects of food. It’s crucial to pick the right cutlery for your little one and here’s why products made of plastic are a big no-no:


If you purchase cutlery that’s made of plastic, don’t expect it to have a long life. Most of them are of poor quality and start chipping off with continuous use.


Even if a product has a BPA-free label, it does not mean it is safe. More often than not, BPA is replaced by another chemical which is equally or more harmful.


Plastic is never environment friendly. Every year, tonnes of plastic ends up being dumped in the oceans, and this causes large garbage patches.


Benzene, a mix of harmful chemicals, is formed during  the production of plastic. It is cargoncegnic and people living around factories manufacturing plastic are more prone to Lymphoma.


It is pretty difficult to clean plastic cutlery, especially if it is worn off due to heat. Also, scrubbing just causes more damage.


Plastic utensils and cutlery may be cheaper but for a little more money you opt for safer options like steel, wood or silicone.


Constant use of plastic can cause cancers, birth defects, and impaired immunity.


You can never get rid of plastic entirely. It is not biodegradable and can only be broken down into small pieces.


From spoiling groundwater to endangering wildlife, plastic does more than you can think of.


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