How To Pick The Right Shoe For Your Kid

How To Pick The Right Shoe For Your Kid

Does Your Baby Really Need Shoes?


It’s great to see your child take his/her first steps and you may get excited to buy a pair of shoes for your little one. But hold on! Before splurging on some fancy shoes, you need to know if your kid is ready for them.


Even if you baby, it is advisable to get him/her shoes immediately. The sensory development needs to take place with the child to know how exactly it feels to walk. Slowly the kid will have a better grip and won’t fall down as often. A lot of parents that putiing shoes on will make the child walk faster but this actually hampers the growth. Kids need to learn to balance and walking barefoot is the best way to go. While your child starts walking, the first thing you need to buy is mittens. They are available in different designs and colors, and should be the first “shoe” for your baby.


Things to keep in mind when choosing shoes:


  • Comfort takes top priority. Don’t compromise on that for looks.
  • Make sure the front part of the shoe is wide enough to match the natural shape of the leg.
  • There should be enough space for the toes to breathe.
  • Do not buy very expensive shoes as your kid will outgrow them soon and you will have to purchase new ones.
  • Always opt for closed shoes with grippers.
  • Sandals are a no-no. And so are Crocs, a brand of shoes that has gotten really popular in India.
  • Parents have the tendency to buy one size bigger but please do not do so. This will impact stability.
  • Since water accumulates in gumboots and that cause an infection, do not buy them for small kids.


While your child begins to walk you must also keep a lookout for certain foot-related problems.


Some of the most common ones are:


  • Pain in the nostril of the big toe.
  • Formation of bunions.
  • Hardness of the foot.
  • One foot getting pressed in the other while walking.
  • Changes in the way your kid walks.
  • Flat feet.


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