No Kidding With Nidhi!

No Kidding With Nidhi!

27 Aug 2015 | 2 min Read

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Meet Nidhi Bajaj, founder of Nids for Kids, a kids e-store, as she shares her journey from being an simple mommy to a business mommy. She makes it all sound so easy and inspiring that you all would want to give your talents a chance. Read her story of making it happen here:

1. My Mom Quotient:
I have no particular style of parenting, like any other mother I wish the best for my child and try to be involved in his day-to-day life and guide him the best way possible. For better parenting I also try to have healthy relationship with my husband so we both divide our responsibilities for a fun and wholesome upbringing of our child.

2. My MomINC Story
When my son turned 6 I got a little time to myself and it was then when I decided to make a change in my life. Husband’s line of work was not quite interesting to me, so I explored my talents and zeroed in on a kids store. The name also clicked instantly – Nids for Kids. Today, without any paid advertising or promotion but only trust from other parents and word of mouth publicity, I am happy to have over 4000 customers. I receive 5-6 orders on an average everyday are 5-6 and am happy to have plunged on this and enjoying every bit of my time as an entrepreneur.


3. Who inspired/ supported me:
My mother inspired me to do something of my own and be independent. My husband also supported my decision and helped me in managing my child and house better.  My kiddo is also a helping hand in my daily activities.

4. Advice/tips:
Every mom has the potential you just have to explore yourself and your abilities. Work from home today has many opportunities one can indulge in, you just need to maintain a routine and follow it, so both work & family gets their share of attention. Nothing is more satisfying and enjoyable than being independent.

5. I love Babychakra because.. its a great platform to share and read experience of moms from different walks of life. It also inspired moms like me to get up and do something beyond ordinary, and helps us with our day-to-day parenting and lots more.

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