A TLDR Version Of Sex During pregnancy

A TLDR Version Of Sex During pregnancy

During pregnancy, there’s a lot of focus on the expecting mom and rightly so. After all, a pregnant goes through a lot of physical changes and may suffer from anxiety too. But what about the father-to-be? For some men, pregnancy may trigger the desire to have sex while rest may put it on the back burner. While there’s a lot of information on sex during pregnancy, here’s the long made short version of it.

Remember, it is normal for a woman to feel uncomfortable or find the idea of sex during pregnancy unappealing. Either way, this is NOT a cue to seek sexual gratification outside your marriage.

Always put your partner's desires first and be open to their needs. If your wife isn’t feeling like it, try alternative ways of developing intimacy. Kissing, cuddling and a massage are ways to help keep the fire burning without adding undue pressure.

Your partner’s healthcare provider may ask you to avoid sex if there are certain complications or pre-existing conditions that could affect the baby or the course of the pregnancy.
Unless told otherwise, sexual intercourse won’t affect your child as s/he is protected by the amniotic fluid in the uterus. It also won’t provoke a miscarriage.

If you have an active or recently diagnosed  STD, make sure to use a condom. Sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy can be of serious consequence to both - your wife and your unborn child.

Let your partner guide the choice of sexual position. Their comfort and pleasure are paramount, and most positions are okay.


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