Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Your Baby's Ears Pierced

Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Your Baby's Ears Pierced


  1. Before the piercing, make sure the ears are clean cause your child will not let you touch it for a week or so.
  2. Make dots on both the ears at the exact location where you want the piercing to be done. Do this with utmost care.
  3. Keep some chocolates or your baby’s favorite toy at hand. These serve as a distraction when  your child starts throwing a tantrum.
  4. After it's done, come home immediately and let your child rest for a while.
  5. Apply lukewarm haldi and mustard oil on it the piercing. This should be done four times a day for at least a week.
  6. Touching the freshly-pierced ear, again and again, can lead to an infection. Stop your kid from doing so too as s/he will mostly try to touch it thinking it will relieve the pain.
  7. Make sure that your hands are clean before you use them to apply the haldi and mustard oil mixture.
  8. No water should touch the ears for at least the first three after the piercing. Hence you must be careful while bathing your little one.
  9. Don't give your kid chole, rajma or corn as they may cause a bump.
  10. Use soft pillow cover for sleeping so that the pain  alleviates.

And most importantly, you need to mentally prepare your child for this especially if she is below 5 years. I prepared her for like 3-4 months and that’s why she was smiling even though she was in pain.


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