10 Best Toddler Games That Can Be Played Anywhere

10 Best Toddler Games That Can Be Played Anywhere

Playtime is a necessity for young children as it boosts their cognitive and motor skill growth. While outdoor games are surely a great source of enjoyment for kids, indoor games are also. equally important areas children spend most of their time a rest home and during this time it is vital to keep them entertained.


Children absorb information quickly during their formative years. So, it is very important to direct their energies in the right direction to develop their mental skills.


Here is a list of the best toddler games which can easily be played indoors.


1. Simon says

This game is a classic and is great to teach your toddler to follow instructions. You could say something like Simon touch your head and your child should touch their head. If you give a command without the words Simon says and the child still performs the action then he is out. A great way to teach parts of the body to your toddler as well. Make the game a little funny by adding a few funny instructions now and then.


2. Hot and cold

A fun game which teaches your kid the virtues of patience and perseverance. It's very simple to play too. Just hide your child’s favorite object and ask him to search for it. While searching, if he is moving away from the object, then you shout out cold and if he is getting close then you can shout out warm, warmer, warmest and hot.


3. Hokey pokey

This is a song more than a game and by toddlerhood, most kids become familiar with this song as well. This game is apt if your toddler likes to dance. You could play the song or better yet sing it and enjoy with your child. It is a very popular song so you will easily find it on the Internet if in case you do not know the song.


4. Treasure hunt

No game is as interesting and engaging like a treasure hunt. Hide your kid's toys at different places around the house and ask him to locate it. Make it more fun and interesting by making a small map or chart. Your toddler is too young to understand a map but, it will surely spark some curiosity in him.


5. Hide and seek

This is a game which you might have already started with your young one. This game helps in honing problem-solving skills in your child. Choose 2 to 3 spots in the house or you could play this game in your compound too. Hide there and wait for a few seconds. If your child doesn't get close to you then, you could make funny sounds and can out to him.


6. Puzzles

A great game for toddlers to develop their cognitive skills in terms of fitting the puzzle pieces together, creating the whole puzzle and it also teaches them to sit at once place patiently. A very good activity for kids who refrain from being in one place for a longer time period. It also sharpens their memory.


7. Odd one out

This is a very simple game but, a very interesting one for sure. It helps your child to differentiate between various objects. Place blocks of the same color in a line and keep one block which is of a different color. Ask your child to observe it well and the ask him o identify the different block. Use various colors and keep changing the objects from time to time to create an element of surprise for your child.


8. Magical coins

A great game to have your child awestruck. Place 3 cups upside down on a flat surface and place a coin under one of the cups. Shuffle the cups slowly and then increase the speed slightly. Once you are done, ask your child to touch the cup under which the coin is hidden. Your toddler will totally love this game.


9. Statue

This is a hot favorite game amongst toddlers. Turn on the music and ask your child to dance. This game is even more fun when there are more children. Somewhere in between, ask your child to freeze in the position he is. Just say statue. And see how funny the game turns out.


10. Shadow play

Pick up a torch and make different shapes with your hands and fingers. Let your child observe the shadows of it and I'm sure he too will be tempted to try them out.


These are the list of the best toddler  games which you can play with your child anytime and with minimal equipment.


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