The Power Of Being A Parent

The Power Of Being A Parent

The depth of a parent’s love for its child can seldom be measured. With so much love comes so much power. Where a kind word can make their confidence, a harsh one can break it. Read on to find out how much power you possess:

Emotional Lives


Children often have extreme mood swings. From gurgling giggles a minute to tumbling tears the next. It is up to us as parents to create a supportive environment and reset the equilibrium. To ensure that kids grow into emotionally healthy people it is essential to encourage them to talk about how they feel, to provide them with positive feedback and to be good role models of healthy behavior and interactions. It is said that the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. Let that inner voice be calm, positive and encouraging.




Most learning happens outside of school. Parents play a critical  role in instilling a love of learning in their kids. Make it a part of your routine to spend some time with the kid asking them what they did at school, singing rhymes with them, reading with them and listening to what they have to say. If we as parents value education and show an active interest in learning new things ourselves, our kids will follow in our footsteps and achieve success at school.


Food Habits


As a parent, we play a pivotal role in shaping our children’s eating habits. Does eating time synchronize with screen time? Do they eat enough portions of fruits and veggies? What about snacking? If we emphasize and practice healthy eating habits, our kids will learn them too. Let’s eat together as a family and keep lots of healthy foods at home.


Physical Health


What we do has a huge effect on what our kids will learn to do. If we are a couch potato, we may pass that trait on to our children. On the other hand, if kids grow up in a family where taking regular walks, hiking, or going for bike rides is part of the routine, they will emulate that behavior.


Problem-solving Skills


Let us be the kind of parents who enable their kids for life. Let’s allow them to confront problems, even be stumped by them. Let kids try out different scenarios of trying to solve a problem. This way children learn that problems are a temporary roadblock. And they learn to think beyond the problem and arriving at a solution. They feel empowered and therefore more confident.


Attitude in Life


According to a study by the Stanford Research Institute, success is comprised of 88% attitude and only 12% education. Does that mean that the value of education is any less? No, but it shows the importance of attitude in regards to a person’s success. If our kids have the right attitude, then pat yourselves on the back for you have set the ball rolling for a successful life ahead for them.


Spiritual Life


As parents, we hold a special kind of influence. The choices we make each day, for ourselves and for our children, have decidedly profound implications. If they see us praying, meditating, contemplating and aspiring to lead a moral life, they will learn by example.


Remember we are the tree they nestle in, the mountain they climb to reach for the sky, the grass that softens their fall, the ocean of love that encompasses them. We are building our kids future, one thoughtful parenting practice at a time. Being an enlightened parent - that’s our superpower!


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