How Do You Assess Your Child’s Mental Development & Learning Style?

How Do You Assess Your Child’s Mental Development & Learning Style?

How do you assess your child’s mental development and learning style?
Some children are good listeners while others are impulsive; some children quickly absorb and replicate pre-academic skills presented and some children don’t; some children remember only few rhymes while others can remember the poet’s name along with the rhymes. Factors that account for such differential performance often concern parents. Understanding a child’s mental development may help answer such questions.

Developmental Assessment
Developmental assessment for children under age 3 is an attempt to assess various aspects of the child's functioning. Since mental and physical growths are often linked to each other, such assessments tend to be holistic in nature.

Examples include:
1. An objective test of hearing
2. Standardized testing of:
3. Cognitive ability
4. Communication
5. Motor/physical skills
6. Adaptive skills
7. Social, emotional, and behavioral functioning
8. Sensory processing
9. Assessment of the family and the child's environment also provides important contextual information

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