Help Setting In Kids In Playgroup

Help Setting In Kids In Playgroup

31 Aug 2015 | 2 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Settling in a preschool is a major milestone for any parent and child. Children find it difficult to adjust to the preschool initially but most of them settle in a few weeks. Hence, the first few weeks of settling in is a crucial time and will impact their perception about school. Every individual is different, while some children will adjust easily to the new set-up, others may take a little longer to feel comfortable and secure. Here are a few tried and tested ways to help your child settle in a preschool.

1. Visit the preschool with your child: It is important to make your child familiar with the surroundings in school. Plan a visit and show her around.

2. Talk positively: Talk positively about the change and stay confident because your child will pick up your feelings of apprehension. You may also read stories to your child about starting pre-school. This again can help familiarise her with what will happen at school.

3. Prepare for separation: Try leaving your child with family members or trusted caregivers for short periods.

4. Help her make new friends: Help your child to grow, learn and explore the world. It will help her become socially and emotionally confident. Some children find it easy to make friends but others will struggle. If required provide support. Encourage your child to talk about who they play with and what they do, but do not force them.











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