Benefits Of Ghee-Filled Food That Will Keep Your Baby Healthy

Benefits Of Ghee-Filled Food That Will Keep Your Baby Healthy

The entire pregnancy journey is filled with anticipation for the very moment your child is born. That feeling of holding your first-born or even the little ones that follow is something that you won’t forget. At that moment, you can’t think of anything else but the fact of how you’d take care in every step of the way. This resolution starts with the kind of food that you feed them from the very beginning to stay healthy. Ghee for babies is one such essential food for their wellbeing.


Yes, pure desi ghee for babies is the elixir for a healthy growing baby. However, most mothers are aware of how fussy a child is when it comes to consuming food. The moment a child crosses the 6-month mark, they begin to consume solid foods. With their developing taste buds, it becomes difficult to gauge what the little toddler may or may not like. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with food.


Nonetheless, it is necessary for them to have a nutritious meal. When your child is that stubborn about food, what can you possibly whip up that won’t go to waste? One such foolproof food that has managed to stay in a baby’s stomach is pure desi cow ghee. Surprised?


Pure desi cow ghee is known for its benefits across various collaterals. The same is true for healthy baby food. Just as you would like to have something tasty, a baby yearns for the exact same thing. Ghee plays a pivotal role to enhance the deliciousness of most foods suitable for your child.


What are the benefits of ghee for babies?

Having consumed ghee previously and understanding its benefits also led me to feed my little one with pure desi ghee. Here are some of the benefits that contributed to my decision:


It is rich in omega 3 and 9

Omega 3 and 9 are healthy fats that are necessary by the body for growth, and pure desi cow ghee, like Amrut Ghee, is rich in these good fats. It is also responsible for the development of the baby’s brain, eyes, and nervous system. It is also a source of energy for your baby. A few scientific studies have proven that omega 3 and 9 contribute to better reading and knowledge retention, better short term and long term memory, and lower behavioral problems.


Helps with the baby’s growth

From ages 1-5 years, your baby grows at a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep up. However, it is a sign of a healthy baby, and you would want them to grow well. Pure desi cow ghee plays a vital role during the foundation years of your child. It provides them with the necessary energy and nutrition to take on the world and grow physically and mentally healthy.


Develops strong immunity

While the medical world is advancing with new and improved medication and treatments to combat illnesses, the germs and viruses that are the cause from the very beginning are developing too. Furthermore, when your child is ill, you feel like you’re facing your worst nightmare. This is where healthy baby food filled with ghee works its charm. Just adding a spoon of ghee to their meal every day will enhance their immunity and help them fight off any illnesses.


Works like a charm for the skin

During your child’s formative years, their skin is sensitive and delicate. Chemical lotions and body washes tend to have a reaction on their skin. However, ghee being a naturally procured substance has zero side effects on your baby’s skin. Consuming it internally or applying it externally on the surface of the skin moisturizes it, gives it a healthy glow and maintains the suppleness of your baby’s skin.


Enhances the nutrition value of food

In addition to the veggies and pulses that your child consumes, adding ghee to that specific dish works as a health booster. Pure desi ghee contains Vitamins A, D, E, K, protein, minerals, which combined with other foods makes it one big healthy meal. One teaspoon or tablespoon based on your child’s age is just enough.


Strengthens the bones

An essential part of the baby’s growth is strong bones. Ghee contains vitamin K which helps produce calcium in the body and strengthens your child’s bones. Combining ghee with foods rich in calcium like milk makes it better than any other available nutrition supplement.


Induces healthy weight gain

During the 6 months from the time of your child’s birth, their primary source of healthy weight gain is breastfed milk. But, as weaning off takes place, the baby needs an equivalent source of fat and calories. Ghee is one such source that will provide good fats and calories, thereby contributing to healthy weight gain.


Aids in digestion

As the baby starts eating solid foods, their digestive system tends to be a tad dicey. To ensure smooth digestion, adding ghee to the baby’s diet is essentials. Ghee is scientifically proven to have a short-chain fatty acid known as butyric acid that aids in digestion.


What are the risks involved with ghee for babies?

Essentially, there are no risks involved with babies eating ghee, as long as it is consumed in moderation. Too much of anything can be bad, and it is the same with ghee. As the baby is growing, it isn’t accustomed to consuming heavy food yet. Excessive ghee in the baby’s food can have adverse effects. About 1 to 1 ½ teaspoon(s) if ghee a day is more than enough for the initial years of your tiny tot.


Delicious Ghee-filled foods that are a must-try

This is the real deal. You may be aware of some of the classic dishes on the list here, but it doesn’t hurt to give them an honorable mention. You could also experiment with a few dishes, but these are sure shot winners, every time:


Ghee in hot milk

This classic combination works at any time of the day. In the morning during breakfast, or in the evening as a mid-day drink, adding 1 - ½ a teaspoon of pure desi ghee, like Amrut Ghee, with plain milk adds a subtle flavor which is a plus for kids who also dislike milk.


Ghee with Khichdi

A dish that even we enjoyed as children. Adding a spoon of ghee to hot khichdi improves the taste of an otherwise boring dish and works well for the mom and the child, too.


Ghee with breakfast cereal

This isn’t a very common combination. It was a result of experimentation, but it is tasty nonetheless. A spoon of ghee mixed with cereal in milk enhances the flavor of this simple yet healthy breakfast meal. I highly recommend it. However, if you’re skeptical about it, adding ghee to oats works equally well.


Ghee with Paratha/Chapati

Another classic where only one chapati or paratha is not enough. Drizzling hot parathas with ghee is a heavenly combination and tasty dish for your baby.


Ghee with Dal and Rice

Nothing beats the staple hot dal and rice with ghee. A healthy and tasty dish that can be consumed regularly, ghee ka tadka over the dal or just adding a spoon of it while serving gives a healthy aroma and sits well with a baby’s taste palate.


Have you tried these ghee-filled  dishes yet?


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