Long Commute During Pregnancy? Latest Study Enlists Its Dangers

Long Commute During Pregnancy? Latest Study Enlists Its Dangers

If you are a working woman, there are high chances that you’d want to go to the office for as long as possible during pregnancy. Most women prefer working close to their due date as they would like to avail of longer leave once the baby is born. Traveling when expecting is fine if certain precautionary measures are taken, but a recent study suggests that long commutes can prove to be dangerous.


The researchers at Lehigh University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have concluded that a woman is more likely to have a C-section if she travels for lengthy periods during her pregnancy. Besides that, the baby’s birth weight may be lower than normal. A distance of over 50 miles was considered long distance and it seemed to increase the stress levels in the expecting mom.


Another downside was that pregnant women skipped their regular checkups. Yes, a lot of women noted that they were exhausted due to the travel and often had to cancel doctor appointments as they couldn't be there on time. So, all in all, a pregnant woman should avoid traveling long distances on a daily basis if possible. This can have multiple adverse effects on the child and its best to opt for work from home if the company allows it. If you have to travel, keep these tips in mind:


  • Make use of the lap and shoulder belts in the  car as they protect you and the baby.
  • Let the airbags be on as they help in case of collision.
  • Ensure to sit when traveling by bus or train. If you are standing, hold to the rails for support.
  • Do not sit in a vehicle for more than 5 hours at a stretch. Get out and take a short walk to keep the blood circulating.
  • Try to sit closer to the restroom when traveling by air.
  • Always choose an aisle seat as it offers more leg room.


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