5 Gifting Ideas For Children On Teachers Day

5 Gifting Ideas For Children On Teachers Day

Teacher's day is just round the corner, and what better way to help your child express his admiration and love for him/her than plan a special hand made surprise. Here are some crafty ideas that both your child and you will enjoy making together. And what's more it is bound to put a big smile on his/her teacher's face too.

1. Hand painted cards: This may be the oldest trick in the book, but that's for a good reason. Nothing says you care like making a card for people you want to appreciate. So bring out the art project this week and help your child paint and write that perfect card for his teacher for his/her special day


2. A herb planter: Its not only unique and eco-friendly but delivers a great message to your child' s second best nurturer – his/her teacher. Have your child create a small herb planter from recycled materials – an old bottle painted with the teacher's initials is a great start. And you can help him/her wrap with a special note that reads “thank you for helping me grow/ thank you for planting the seeds of knowledge in my mind'

3. Bake a treat: This is another classic gift that will melt any teacher's heart. Help your child bake some sweet treats for his/her teacher to show how much he/she means to him. You can choose to bake a cake/a make a handcrafted box with home baked cookies to go in them. The box can be a keepsake for the teacher while she delights in the special treat she gets from you child. And if baking is your thing you can even get crafty with a special thank you message on the cake or the cookies.

4. Custom frame: Help your child make this creative memoir for his/her teacher using materials at home. Simply take a cardboard and cut in the shape of the frame you want. You can make the borders of the frame fun and colourful by sticking old pieces of crayons or stationery generally used in schools. In the frame you could put a picture of your child with his/her teacher or with your child alone with a message written out especially for his/her teacher.

5. Hand made diary/planner: Another great DIY activity and a great gift too is a DIY dairy or planner for your child's teacher. You can simply take some recycled paper sheets from the market and hard board sheet that can be put in the first and last pages to give the diary a better form. Punch holes along the top or the sides and help your child bind this diary using shoelaces or knitting wool. He can paint on a special message on the cover of the diary and can even create a small logo/emblem on each page corner to give this gift a personal touch

Have any other gifting ideas for this special day? Share them with us over here.

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