Things To Know About Cradle Cap

Things To Know About Cradle Cap

What is a Cradle Cap?


The oily or crusty patches on baby's head is called Cradle Cap.


How to avoid a Cradle Cap?


  • Irrespective of the climate or weather of the place where you live, do ensure that you give head bath to baby every day or at least on alternative days.
  • Apply oil every day followed by bath using a mild baby shampoo.Parents are hesitant to give head bath thinking baby could catch cold. But thats a myth.
  • Washing their hair every day gives them good sleep.
  • Always use a dry towel to dry baby’s head.


How to treat an existing Cradle Cap?


Incase your baby already has a Cradle Cap then follow these steps:


  • Start applying oil and give head bath everyday
  • Mix 1/2 cup( savlon cap) of savlon in 1 mug of warm water and with the use of cotton gently massage and clean the cradle cap by dipping it in savlon water. Do it gently and not more than 2 or 3 minutes.
  • If your baby is above 6 months and has had his or her fontanels are already closed then apply oil and comb with soft brush everyday. The patch will come out.
  • Make sure to change and clean their pillow covers regularly.


Cradle Cap is non-contagious and more like dandruff.  This is neither a concern nor a worry. I could just get itchy and look ugly. But a good care can absolutely help get rid of it.


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