How Celebrity Babies Break World Records Before They Are Born?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their pregnancy in October 2018 saying their baby is expected in late spring. Now the media and paparazzi are all ears and eyes waiting to hear the good news. Just wonder what would happen once the baby enters the world. The awaited baby has already broken records of how many people across the world are betting on all sorts of criteria from gender to name. I just wonder how insecure or nervous would the Duke and the Duchess of Susex be about their baby already. No wonder, they have decided to keep the announcement of birth a secret for sometime till the family gets some time to bond. People across the world are waiting to know the exact due date of the Duchess keeping all the speculations in action. The royal family definitely wants to keep it under wraps.


Celebrity babies always make an interesting headline for audience. Sometimes they are in news even before they are conceived. Taimur Ali Khan, Aaradhya Bacchan, Misha Kapoor are few celebrity babies back in India who make headlines every other day. The speculations for babies had started even before they were born. Unfortunately, these children are born in a world where they will be in limelight from the day they are born for all the good and bad reasons just because they are born to celebrity parents.


As parents we are always protective of our bundle of joy from the time we conceive them. Some parents even fear to even share their news of pregnancy with the world until few months of pregnancy have passed. As protective parents we don’t let outsiders see or hold our baby for few months. Then why do we fail to understand that celebrity parents also have the same fear and are equally protective?Why do we ignore the fact that they too are parents and have a family life? In fact they are ten times more protective than us for they are under surveillance 24 hours and have no choice of privacy. Or should we just conclude by saying -”and God made babies with super powers, the power to be a superstar from the day he or she enters the world”.


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