10 Life Lessons That Only A Teacher Can Impart To Your Child

10 Life Lessons That Only A Teacher Can Impart To Your Child


Yes, they teach your child about square roots and world wars and even how the body functions. But its not just the bookish knowledge a child gains in his/her school years. In the all-important wonder years of your child’s life, he/she is likely to learn much more than just important dates in history. He/she will learn about life, love, relationships and yes sometimes even failure. And with the right teacher beside them acting as a guide and a mentor, you can be assured that these precious lessons are ones that will be etched in your child’s memory forever, just like they are in yours, from your own school days.

1. Working hard pays off in school and in life: Be it a sports coach pushing your child to train before a tournament, or the literature professor encouraging your child for the debate team, having the right mentor can make all the difference between good and excellent



2. Taking responsibility for your actions and learning from them: Yes, sometimes even the most well behaved child is going to do something that is out of line in school thanks to peer pressure, but its only when the teacher handles it well, that a child learns not only to not repeat his mistakes, but also why he/she shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes


3. Being curious: No one can quite ignite that thirst for knowledge like a teacher can. Having a teacher who is constantly encouraging your child to ask questions and find the answers will ensure that he/she grows up to continue having this curious streak

4. Trusting oneself: This is one of the biggest gifts any teacher giver the children he/she influences. To have the faith to get through challenging situations yourself. Teachers who do not encourage spoon-feeding but instead provide the right encouragement to help the child discover the answers themselves are building the leaders of tomorrow.


5. Patience and perseverance: There are times when your child may be ready to give up, or may get emotional about not getting the results he/she was expecting. That’s when a teacher comes in to play the role of a gentle guide who can not only help your child preserve on the right path but also teach your child the value of patience when trying to achieve some milestone.

6. Being a team player: Often times peer pressure and competition can turn from healthy to nasty and children find it difficult to swim alone in a roomful of students at such times. A teacher who encourages children to be a team player and help those who are being left behind to pull upfront with them, are the ones who will nurture adults who are adept at working with large teams in order to achieve the best collective results.

7. Raising a reader: Having a teacher who is encouraging your child to fall in love with books is a keeper, so while you might be making your efforts at home to encourage your child to read, having a teacher who takes on the baton from you on this one, is a true asset in your child’s life.


8. Staying focused on the end goal: All year through teachers work with their students to help them reach a certain level in their subject material and in their overall performance. Along the way, they help the child by providing them with life and skill tools that help them stay focused on the end result and equip them to do so as they grow up too.


9. Admitting when you don’t know something: One of the perils of living in a competitive environment can be that your child starts believing that he/she has all the answers. However having a teacher who is modest enough to admit not knowing things can create the right impression on young budding minds, and make them more open to learning and having new experiences even later in life


10. To love learning: finally, a child learns best when he is doing what he/she loves. And the teacher’s primary job is not only teach the child the curriculum but to help him/her fall in love with learning itself. It is one of the most precious gifts that any teacher can give a child. And we all have that one inspiring teacher in our lives who touched our lives indelibly and for the better, don’t we?




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