How Many Of You Turn Off Wifi When Going To Bed

How Many Of You Turn Off Wifi When Going To Bed

An interesting writeup by our user Sathya Kalaiselvan on the need to keep ourselves away from those dangerous mobile radiations.


Do you have the habit of turning off your Wi-Fi when going to bed?

Quite a few people realize the impact of Wi-Fi/mobile radiation on us. From the time we get up till the time we sleep we are constantly around these devices in some or the other way. Today when I checked my phone at midnight, I saw so many Wi-Fi networks available in my apartment block. While one cannot  completely cast them away from our lives, we can definitely try to control their impact.


  • We can try to keep a distance from our phone and modem when we are not using So many wifi network all exhibit radiation around me.
  • Do turn off your Wi-Fi and modem before going to bed.
  • Ensure that the phone is not near you.
  • And when you do want to keep your phone close to you (like using it for an alarm) make sure it is in airplane mode 

These tips are definitely an eye opener! 

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