The Need To Inculcate A Winner’s Spirit In Our Children

The Need To Inculcate A Winner’s Spirit In Our Children

We all have heard the saying 'survival of the fittest' and probably have related it to plants and animals, but somewhere we humans are also under the same canopy. Every creature, every organism is constantly fighting for its own place in the world, on the planet. Sometime with its own kind and sometimes with the ones that are trying to prey on it.

But our fight as humans is way different compared to any of these. We are under tremendous pressure to succeed, to make a mark and to reach the top. It's a rat's race or may be a race that even rats would opt out off. Earlier it was a bunch of people who competed, slowly more joined in. Now competing and winning competitions is like a status symbol. Each of us want to make a mark of our own and we all have a set number of goals and objectives to achieve.

As parents this attitude of winning passes down to our  children through us. But, what goes unnoticed is the amount of pressure and stress they are subjected to. You will often hear parents saying things like 'My son is a scorer and is good at sports, he is even learning music and he is great at it.' Any parent would love to boast about their children or child in the best possible manner. They become our pride since the day of their birth.

We have plans for their future, we make arrangements for the same too. But somewhere we miss the mark. We are taught and now we are teaching that winning is important. Yes winning is important, but what if they have to face defeat? What if there is a loss instead of a victory? What if for once your son scored 2nd instead of 1st?? There are a lot of 'what ifs' that we cannot answer, simply because we are the ones putting them in that situation. Instead of being critical about their defeat we should learn to praise them for participating and trying. We should learn to pat their backs, acknowledge their participation and say there's always a 'next time'.

We have to build in them a winner's spirit, meaning: 

  • We tell them the importance of winning, but equally prepare them for the adverse.
  • Teaching them how important it is to be a part of the competition itself is the need of the hour.
  • Teaching them to cheer others is also equally important. Teaching them to try rather than failing to try is a better approach.

We all have come through such situations in some stage of life, but do we need our children to go through the same. Why not inculcate in them the spirit of a winner, the spirit of accepting defeat and still preparing to win? A spirit that motivates and  pushes barriers and builds a strong individual in our children is the actual winner.


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