Creating Awareness About Bad Manners In Children

Creating Awareness About Bad Manners In Children

We all want to develop Good Manners in our children and we do.The question is whether we are making them aware of the concept of Bad Manners.Children tend to develop Bad Manners more easily as compared to Good Manners.Some Bad Manners in kids can have rigorous impact on their growth and development.We want our children to be successful and grow into good human beings Manners play a big role in their lives.Many parents think Bad Manners will eventually fade away with time, but thats not always true.There are certain bad manners that can hamper our child's normal physical and mental growth. As parents it is our duty to get rid of these Bad Manners as early as possible so that our children perform better in life.


Some of the Bad Manners are that we need to watch for and rectify in time are: 

  • Interrupting when two adults are talking.We should educate children by explaining them why they are not the right people to interrupt in an adult conversation or by explaining them the concept of waiting for their turn to be heard.
  • Children often fail to use basic etiquettes like saying Thankyou, Sorry or Excuse me whenever needed. We need to inculcate this basic courtsey in children every now and then.
  • Children often start yelling or shouting if parents do not respond to them immediately. As parents we need to instill in them the attribute of patience and politeness.
  • Children these days often do not greet when guests come home. We should inculcate the basic quality of respecting elders.
  • Some children avoid answering questions asked by adults. Children could be shy but then not answering can sometimes portray attitude. Developing good listening and communication skills is very important.
  • We often see children using rough, colloquial or abusive language with parents. While parents these days are more friendly with children, there should always be a distance of age and respect between parents and children.


Children pick and learn a lot from what they watch. It  is also of utmost importance to behave in a certain way in front of  kids to expect good return rewards. 

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