6 Changes You Didn’T Expect In Your Relationship After Having A Baby

6 Changes You Didn’T Expect In Your Relationship After Having A Baby

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Change is inevitable, and when you welcome a little bundle of joy into your family, you can expect many changes to happen in your life. Every woman knows that her body will not be the same after her baby is born, but no one expects changes to happen in every part of their life. So, ladies and gentlemen…prepare yourselves, because you’ve got a blizzard coming your way. Here are some of the changes that people tend to not expect when they have a child:

1. The sex reduces

Everyone knows that a woman can’t have sex for upto 6 weeks after giving birth. What people don’t tell you is that after those 6 weeks, sex is still off the table as you will either be too busy with other things or don’t feel up to it. Either way, it is safe to assume that there is no hanky panky happening for *at least* a couple months.

2. Your relationship changes

After having a child, everything becomes about the baby, including your relationship with your spouse. The connection between the two of you becomes a connection with your baby. But that isn’t a bad thing. It’s just that the dynamics of the relationship changes, and one night you’ll see your husbands singing your child to sleep and fall in love with them all over again.

3. Fights increase

Women at this time can get set off by almost every little thing. One of the reasons for this is the hormones, and another one being that your patience is simply wearing thin. You take care of the baby all day long (which is quite the task) and after that, there’s other work to do. Be calm and everything will go back to normal.

4. Relationship becomes distant

This is sadly the unfortunate truth, as your baby becomes the centre of your world and you tend to forget about the existence of your spouse. There are so many things that need your attention that your marriage starts to take a bit of the back seat. You may plan date nights, but it won’t be the same because your mind will keep drifting into the topic of your baby.

5. You start to love your baby the most

Everyone loves their baby the most, sometimes even more than they love their partner. This causes a drift in your marriage, as you start to focus only on your baby, which may affect your relationship with your spouse.

6. No time to rest

If you actually have the time to write a to-do list, you should feel blessed. Having a baby is a full-time job and unlike actual corporate jobs you don’t get lunch breaks for this one. Your hands are going to be full and you are going to have shopping bags on your shoulder, and with all that, you are going to have a baby who is going to want to grab everything! Good luck on that. But rest assured, the hard times will pass and when you’ll be talking to your child about his or her childhood, all you’ll remember are the happy and funny moments.











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