6 Clever Ways To Get Your Child To Drink More Water Xyz

6 Clever Ways To Get Your Child To Drink More Water Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Water is crucial in maintaining many bodily functions. It keeps your little one hydrated, free of constipation and other problems. However, getting your child to drink water can be a real hassle. ‘It doesn’t taste good’ or ‘It’s no fun’ might be a few complaints you constantly hear from your child when you try to get them to drink some water.

Here are a few clever ways to make sure your child is hydrated and gets his/her daily intake of water without a problem.

1. Fun glasses

Your kid might’ve taken a liking to certain things and you can use this to your advantage. Buy special glasses that excite him/her. You can take these with you even while you are traveling. Why would he say no to ‘ironman water’?

2. Put some fruits to the water

Add a few slices of fruits in the water to make it look pretty and to also add a little bit of flavour to the water. Keep experimenting with different fruits – your kid may prefer strawberry water over lemon-infused water.

3. Fancy straws

Fancy straws are not only for fruit juices and milkshakes. Your kid will have a lot of fun with them if you provide a silly straw with every cup of water you give him/her. There are even bottles an sippers available in the market with fun straws attached to them.

4. Make it available

Your kid might be thirsty on more occasions than you’re aware of. You don’t want to run the risk of your child actually being thirsty and not drinking any water because it wasn’t available to him/her right away. So, keep water bottles everywhere in the house. The more your kid looks at water, the more inclined s/he’ll be to drink it.

5. Ice water

Give your kid 2 glasses of water – one with ice cubes in it and one without. Which one would s/he choose? The mist, the clinking of the ice cubes and the heavenly feeling as it passes down the throat – all of these make chilled water the default choice for anyone. You can also freeze fruits like strawberries or raspberries in some water and make it look super cool. (If you haven’t guessed already, this hack is not recommended for kids during winter or for kids who tend to catch a cold easily)

6. Be a role model

Your kid looks up to you and tries to mimic everything you do. So, every time you drink water in front of him/her, s/he’ll be tempted to reach for it too. Also, try and explain why drinking water is good for his/her health. You can even try a drinking game, where you challenge each other to see who finishes their glass of water first.