6 Comfortable Yet Stylish Clothes To Pick Up Post Pregnancy

6 Comfortable Yet Stylish Clothes To Pick Up Post Pregnancy

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Pregnancy shouldn’t stop anyone from being stylish and fashionable. Being fashionable doesn’t mean that one should own branded clothes and wear the designs that are in vogue. It’s about being comfortable with whatever they think looks good on them. It’s about being yourself. These 6 comfortable yet stylish clothes are some of the few that can be worn during pregnancy.

1. Yoga pants

They can be the most comfortable piece of cloth to wear. Not only during pregnancy but also on normal days. They just cling to your body at the right places to give you the best comfortable feeling and loosen out at the right places for a more free and comfortable fit. A pair with a wide fold-over waistband will do the best job. You can fold it beneath the belly or extend it over the bump to give the extra cradling that might feel nice.

2. Tunics

These oversized tops are just perfect to cover the bump and be comfortable and stylish at the same time. They can be worn with comfortable leggings or a pair of skinny low waist jeans. They are a perfect combination of style and comfort. Special tunics made just for pregnant women are available too. Any tunics can be worn. You just need to find the perfect one for YOU!

3. Maxi dress

They make the most trendy outfits not only for pregnant women but also younger girls. The long flowing skirts, empire waists, and the perfect design to focus on the collar bones make it very popular among pregnant women. They come in vibrant colors and fashionable designs. Choosing a soft jersey fabric will do the perfect job of draping around the body and giving the perfect comfort feeling.

4. Long tank tops

When worn, the perfect one can make you feel like a thousand bucks. They’re long, they cover the bump, and have a sleek design, which makes you look slim at the same time. The best ones are that which come with the microfibre blends, are ruching on the sides and have broad sleeves to hide the bra straps. They can be worn with low waist jeans or even yoga pants.

5. Shift dresses/wrap dresses

They look elegant and are easy to wear. Once your body starts to change, readjust the fit by securing the tie/belt a bit higher (right under your bust) to play up the smallest part of your slowly disappearing waistline. Fabrics like jersey or any other stretchy, blended fabrics can be very comfortable. They also come in tops. So if dresses are not your thing, tops can always do the job.

6. Scarves and accessories

They don’t fall into the compulsory clothing category but can add a lot of glamor to the otherwise monotonous outfit. Silky, patterned scarves worn with accessories will add glamor to the bump. The jewelry is not to be forgotten. Chunky necklaces, statement earrings or whatever you like can make every ordinary outfit extraordinary. Moreover, long necklaces give a sleek shape to the body.