6 Creative Activities For Growing Kids Xyz

6 Creative Activities For Growing Kids Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Kids get bored really easily. It’s quite a task to keep children occupied all the time. With technology invading our lives, it is even harder to keep kids engaged in something that doesn’t involve technology. To help you out, we’ve listed a few old-fashioned and a few new activities that could keep your child engaged, make him/her use their creativity and also, keep them off the phone for a few hours.

1. Painting

Painting is one of the most fun and creative activities that kids can do. Find out whether your kids like painting with oil pastels or with water colours, and they are good to go! Combining the vibrant colors and smoothness of oil pastels with baby oils would make for a great painting effect.

2. The Continuous Drawing Game

An activity that could keep both kids and the adults occupied, this involves each person building drawings upon the ones that the previous person made. This is a fun way to showcase your creativity, while also connecting the people involved.

3. Building The Family Tree

While we live in the era of the nuclear family right now, it would be a fun activity for the kid to build a family tree comprising family members as far as s/he can go. This would keep the child occupied for hours and even days, and allow the child to connect to his/her other family members.

4. Playing with Clay

One of the oldest and yet, the most fun activities ever, playing with clay never gets tiring. The number of things kids can do with clay (except eating it) is endless – making creatures, building shapes and forming letters to name a few.

5. The Queen Shiba Game

This activity is preferable with other children, as this would be more fun as a competition. This game involves giving the children a list of things that they would need to present to Queen Shiba (can be an adult or a kid), who needs these items before a specified time. The kids could play individually or in teams, just as long as they get the specified items within time. To make it more interesting, these items could be made hard to find and thus, the contest can be turned into a treasure hunt.

6. The Leaf Game

This is a fun outdoor activity that your kid could do when you go to a park or a garden, or on a trek, or when you go outstation. Kids could be made to run around and look for a particular type of leaf of a certain plant. This can not only be fun, but also educational, if you make it so.











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