6 Emotions New Mums Go Through And You Are Not Alone

6 Emotions New Mums Go Through And You Are Not Alone

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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You are a new mummy and being a ‘new’ anything isn’t easy especially, when raising a little life. The sleepless nights, the nagging self doubt and feeling like whatever you do is never good enough; These are but a few things that a new mother faces everyday of her life. Breathe, you are doing the best you can, mummy.

Smile, All this too shall pass.

1. Sleep is a dream

baby disturbing mom's sleep

Sleep deprivation is bound to happen. Nobody escapes the dry spells of insomnia and dear mom, you are headed down this road too. This is not going to be a one time thing and may go on for months resulting in headaches, irritability, amnesia and in the worst case scenario, depression. Mummy, don’t shy away from help. Catch up on some sleep while your husband or someone close looks after the child.

2. Wearing your favorite jeans is a distant memory

can't wear jeans anymore

You don’t fit into your favorite jeans or any other jeans, for that matter. You don’t feel sexy anymore and are rather uncomfortable in your skin. Listen? You are so so beautiful and your waistline is no judge of your attractiveness. You’ll get back in shape with persistence so do not be lost on hope! Your little baby is priceless and was worth it! And your former looks are just diet and exercise away!

3. Breastfeeding is not the best

hillary duff crying

Breastfeeding can be a real pain. You place your baby the wrong way and all hell breaks lose. Sore and cracked nipples, and just plain discomfort. Don’t you worry, mummy! A lactation consultant is just a phone call away and there are tons of products to help you heal. All you need to worry about is eating healthy and everything else can be remedied.

4. Perfection is not perfectly achieved


You do everything you are told and everything that makes sense to you but somehow, your baby still continues to cry. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect parent’. Stop thinking about how to raise your child perfect and keeping your house neat and flawless because this is simply something that cannot be sought after without a little help from the people you love.

5. Hormones do so much harm

patrick star breaking fridge

You walk into a room and don’t remember why. The next thing you know you are walking around like a headless chicken putting your keys in the fridge and plates in the washing machine. Take it easy mummy, this is not your fault. Hormones are to blame. It will take some time but soon you will be back to your sensible, unforgetting, regular self.

6. You are alone

forever alone

You feel alone in all your efforts. By yourself. You feel uncared for and ignored and seek emotional support from your husband who doesn’t get the hint. Your baby loves you at times and completely detests you at other times. You don’t know where to go! All this can come as a challenge and you need to take it head on.

Communicate and tell people how you feel. Burying your emotions will just eat you alive.

Savor every minute of being a new mummy for these moments will never find their way to you again.

Happy Parenting!











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