6 Environmental Factors That Can Trigger An Allergy In Your Baby

6 Environmental Factors That Can Trigger An Allergy In Your Baby

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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As parents, we try our best to protect our children from anything bad happening to them. We give them the appropriate vaccines, we set them up with protective gear or clothing before they go out to play and even try our best to protect them from cold and flu. However, what about those sneaky allergens that trigger allergies in your children? Are we simply helpless then? No. Let’s take a look at the most common allergy triggers found inside and outside the house, and see how we can protect our children from it.

1. Dust mites

These are tiny, microscopic bugs that are found in your bedding, pillows and carpets. They are also the number one cause of allergies. Practising ways to control dust mites in your home can ensure an allergen-free environment for your child to grow up in. Wash your child’s pillows cases, comforters and bed sheets regularly in hot water to kill any possible dust mites. Vacuum their mattresses at least once a week and replace the bed covers regularly. Keep any stuff toys away from the bed and avoid having carpets at home, especially in your child’s room.

2. Pollen

Developing an allergy to pollen is almost as common as catching a cold. A good way to control this allergy trigger is to shut down your windows during the pollen season, which is mostly during the late weeks of January until April. Clearing up the filters in your air conditioner is also a good way to prevent any pollen from entering your child’s room.

3. Mold

Moulds are a nasty type of fungi that find it’s way into your home and is the cause of many illnesses. Make sure to keep kitchen and balcony corners dry and clean to prevent the growth of moulds. Ventilate your bathrooms and any other moist areas to avoid the growth of this fungus. Always be on the check for moulds, especially during the monsoons.

4. Pet dander

Animal dander is the dead skin cells that animals shed, like humans, which can be the cause of many pet allergies. Asthmatic children are especially prone to developing an allergy to animal dander due to prolonged exposure. Of you have a child who has asthma, it would be wise not to bring a pet to the house, unless you make sure the house is regularly cleaned.

5. Irritants

Cigarette smoke or smoke from burning wood can trigger allergies in your child. Avoid smoking or burning anything in your house, as particles from the smoke tend to stick to the furniture and fabrics. Take your child to your parents’ house temporarily if your house is being painted or renovated, as paint fumes could be irritating and harmful to your child, triggering an allergy.

6. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are sneaky little, bacteria-carrying creatures. They carry certain proteins that are known to trigger allergies in children, especially those with asthma. Getting rid of these pests may be hard, but it is not entirely impossible. Try covering any open drains and holes that could serve as an outlet for cockroaches. Seal any cracks on the walls and ensure to keep food and water sources covered at all times.

If you suspect your child has an allergy, it’s advisable to get it checked by a doctor who may advise certain allergy medications for the same. It’s important to share these details with your doctor to prevent the flaring up of any pre-existing conditions like asthma or the development of them.











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