6 Foods To Provide The Best Nutrition For A Fussy Eater

6 Foods To Provide The Best Nutrition For A Fussy Eater

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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What do you do when you’re not getting your baby to sleep, bathe and change? Getting them to eat, of course! And we all know that this is another hassle? It seems like feeding your child is the easiest part because these tiny, perpetually hungry humans gobble up everything and anything you give them. However, what happens when your kid would rather forgo a meal than eating what you made?

It’s an entirely different parenting struggle when your child is as fussy about food as you are about their health. So, to help you, here are 6 nutritious foods you could give your fussy child.

1. Banana pancakes

Never in the history of childhood has anyone ever refused a pancake. And with banana pancakes, you have double the amount of banana than a pancake, making it parent’s heaven. Never again do you have to hear the words, ‘I’m not eating that!’ and never again will you have to resort to or run out of creative ways to get some food in them. You’ll feel glad that you can double their intake of at least one fruit at a time. And lucky for you, they happen to be the easiest and fastest things to make on the planet.

2. Fruit snacks

Another way to get your toddler to eat something healthy, even though they don’t like it, is to make it look good. It may be a little more time to consume, but it’s worth the satisfaction you get when you see your child finally eating something voluntarily. Try making the fruits resemble their favourite cartoons or idols, and watch how meal times become less of a nightmare!

3. Window sandwiches

Sandwiches are the easiest things to whip up when you’re running short of time and your child is hungry. But eating a sandwich every day can no doubt get boring and you never know when your kid is going to refuse to eat it.
All you have to do is buy a cookie cutter and cut the top of the sandwich so the filling, which could be a flavoured jam, shows. Nobody is ever going to be able to resist these extremely cute and colourful snacking items, so your sandwich backup is still rock solid.

4. Lemony fish bites

If your child is bored of all the vegetables and fruits on his/her plate, maybe you can opt for some meat instead. Fish is known to have one the highest protein contents and the tangy lemon taste is probably making your mouth water while reading this. Make them crispy and crunchy, as kids love this!

5. Honey soy chicken

If your child has a sweet tooth, try giving them honey soy chicken for dinner. The brown of the glazed honey on the chicken makes your dish look extremely appetising. The honey is going to satisfy their sweet cravings. It also goes ridiculously well with plain or steamed rice, so you can avoid the headache of making chapatis for your child and watching it being thrown to the ground in a tantrum.

Go ahead and try these unconventional meal ideas for your little ones and watch them look forward to mealtimes like never before!











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