6 Hilarious Real Life Dad Stories

6 Hilarious Real Life Dad Stories

5 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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There are plenty of blogs that have information on motherhood and how it is all so special and wonderful. In fact, parenthood is a journey that deserves to be spoken about often. But you rarely come across articles that describe and portray the exact emotion of fathers. They can be so adorable, funny and loving towards their children and this was the inspiration behind this article. Here are some of the funniest and cutest father baby stories that everyone must read and may even relate to!

1. The emotional father

Whenever the baby has to go to the doctor to get a shot, the father holds the baby and cries along with them. It doesn’t matter how many times the doctor tries to convince him that the baby is going to be just fine – the nurse might have administered the shot to 20 babies the very same day – he would still cry harder than the baby does. Also, he is going to be apologising to the baby for putting him/her through it – every single time they get a shot.

2. The over-protective father

This is the type of dad that will go to any extent to keep their baby safe. This means driving at 20kmph when the baby is strapped in a car seat at the back of the car and asking the mom – who is sitting at the back with the baby of course – every 2 minutes if the baby is alright. This also means freaking out when the baby gets the hiccups and when anyone tries to touch the baby without washing their hands first.

3. The dreamer

The sleep-talking fathers are the best and the funniest! They will murmur little scenarios involving their tiny ones while they are deep asleep proving that they never stop thinking about their baby. One father, on the night he found out his wife was pregnant, was found murmuring about his baby in his sleep. He was saying “No baby, don’t put your finger in the socket!”

4. The baby-bump talker

Some of the cutest baby stories involve a father talking to his baby when the baby is still in the womb. This particular story involves a father talking to his wife’s baby bump about the mom. When the mom asked what he was saying, he said “Shh… I was talking to the baby, not you.”

5. The first words

Fathers are at a loss for words when they first see their babies. It is no wonder that the first words they utter on seeing their baby rarely makes sense. One father’s first words were “Oh! She has ears.” Before the baby was born, he was talking about how he would count all of his baby’s fingers and toes yet, somehow, his first words were “Oh! She has ears.”

6. The naive innocent fathers

A mother was about to place an order for 230 diapers in size 1-2 when the father looked at her like she had gone crazy. His concern was that by the end of 230 days, the baby would grow out of those diapers. His wife had to calmly explain to him about how many diaper changes they have to go through in a day – after she was done laughing her heart out of course.











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