6 Inspiring Mom Stories From All Over The World

6 Inspiring Mom Stories From All Over The World

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Mothers are probably the most underrated, underpaid and overworked people we know. Almost every mother, in her own way, adopts the role of a supermom when she go beyond her means to do things for her little baby. Here are some of the most inspirational mom stories to warm your heart.

1. The miracle baby

Kate Ogg had a difficult pregnancy from the start. She was pregnant with twins for a gestation period of just 27 weeks before delivering them. However, tragedy struck when one of the twins- Jamie Ogg didn’t survive the delivery. The doctors tried to resuscitate Jamie but it was all in vain. After being declared dead by the doctor, Jamie was handed to the family to say their goodbyes. Kate embraced her child tightly to her skin and after two hours noticed the baby take in a gasp of air. Doctors shrugged it off saying it was just a reflex action. However, Kate was unconvinced, she decided to feed her baby breast milk with her fingers when little Jamie opened his eyes and grabbed his mother’s finger. Kate explained in an interview with Daily Mail that the doctor still found it very hard to believe and shook his head saying “ I don’t believe it”. Mother knows best indeed. If it weren’t for Kate’s instincts little Jamie might not have been alive to see the world today.

2. Barbara Guerra – The mom with no hands

Barbara lost both her arms when she was 2 years old, when she got electrocuted and had to have her arms amputated. Their story was telecasted on Discovery health a few years back. What makes her a truly remarkable woman is that she is a mother to a lovely boy and she does everything a full abled mom can. She changes her baby, dresses him up, feeds him and even drives. Barbara has developed extreme dexterity in her feet and she does all these tasks with just her feet. She is also a work from home mom and does all the typing with her feet too. This mom definitely deserves our appreciation and serves as an inspiration to all.

3. Lou Xiaoying

Lou Xiaoying is an 88-year-old woman who saved about 30 babies who were abandoned in the trash. Lou was a trash recycler in a poverty-ridden part of China. Being financially unstable herself, taking on these babies was indeed not an easy task. She, however, explains that if we have the strength and will to pick up garbage to recycle it how can we not recycle something as valuable as human lives. She brought up four of the abandoned kids as her own and gave the rest to her family and friends. When she was 82 she picked up her youngest son Zhang Qilan from the dustbin. She nursed him to health and he is now a happy but more importantly, he’s a healthy little boy.

4. Lea-Ann Ellison

Lea- Ann Ellison is a fitness enthusiast from Los Angeles. She sparked controversy when she posted a photo of lifting heavy weights while being 8 months pregnant. However, she explained that when she got pregnant, her doctors gave her the green signal to carry on her workout. She hopes to inspire ladies who want to be fit during and after pregnancy. She is now a proud mom of a little baby boy. She shrugs off any naysayers with pride. An inspiring and strong, (quite literally) mom indeed.

5. Monique Zimmerman- Stein

Monique was born with a rare genetic disorder causing blindness which unfortunately was also passed on to her children. Despite being fortunate enough to have health insurance, the family was still faced with a large debt from the medical bills. Since they couldn’t afford to bear the medical costs of her whole family, Monique decided to give up her share of injections to save her daughter’s vision. Monique is now fully blind due to this sacrifice. A heartwarming tale indeed.

6. Chelsi Camp

Chelsi Camp is a brave mom who unfortunately happened to encounter a terrible incident with her friend’s dog while she was dog-sitting for her. Camp took her 2-year-old daughter along, with the assumption that the dog was a friendly one. However, the dog began getting violent and attacked Chelsi’s daughter. With the basic maternal instinct, Chelsi began protecting her daughter and punched the dog right in the mouth and bit its ear off. She then dialed 911 and also turned her daughter over to prevent her from choking on the blood. Both mother and daughter were injured but made a full recovery. The maternal instinct is so ingrained and so strong in us that we would go to any lengths to protect our young. A gruesome but inspiring tale indeed.











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