6 Moments That Mothers Wait For In Their Babys Life

6 Moments That Mothers Wait For In Their Babys Life

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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As a mother with a baby, there are some moments that you wait for. Those baby moments that you know are supposed to happen or that you’ve experienced before, if you’ve had a kid before. There are certain milestone moments that every mother sets, depending on what she thinks is most important, as well as based on what is normal and expected to happen. It is these moments that you wait for and aim towards as a mother raising a baby. It is those little moments when your little one does or says that special thing.

1. First Cry

It’s the first sign of life. That first piercing cry when that little blip that grew into a fetus finally enters the real world. Even though, in any other moment, hearing your baby cry would break your heart, you know that your first moment with your baby must involve crying. The crying means you’ve done it. It means there’s nothing to worry about and that your family has a tiny new addition that occupies a figuratively gigantic space in your life.

2. First Word

As your baby grows in the first few months, he/she reaches certain developmental milestones. In this attempt, you have probably grown accustomed to listening to the incoherent babbling of your little one. All those gurgling sounds and random syllables combined in no specific order are adorable to listen to. But as this continues, you also try engaging in baby talk with the little monster, and all the different learning strategies you’ve read about. Hearing your baby say that first “dada” or “mama” or whatever it may be, is satisfaction beyond compare. You are that much closer to having a tiny human you can interact with, and it doesn’t hurt to feel proud of your own efforts as well as the efforts of your smart little baby.

3. Potty Training

It’s one of the most fun parts of infanthood and toddlerhood. Albeit, it is the messiest part of parenting. But who doesn’t love it? And what can beat that immense joy and satisfaction you see on your little angel’s face when the potty training yields the desired results? That feeling could make you soar to the highest heights.

4. Solids

The transition from milk to solids is a big one. It’s also one of the moments that mums wait for – to see the look on your kid’s face when he/she takes their first bite of a fruit or vegetable that isn’t mashed up. The intense look of curiosity and wonder on your baby’s face along with those tiny milk teeth trying to figure out how to function. It’s an absolutely magical moment.

5. Locomotion

First is the crawling, then the walking, then the running. Every day, your baby grows and learns, and you have no idea how it happened so fast. All you know is that look of absolute concentration as your little angel waddles towards you from 3 feet away, and the giggles that follow as soon as you’re reunited. What wouldn’t you give to see that look of exuberance on your little one’s face.

6. Magic Words

From the moment they start talking, we make it our mission to teach them all the golden words – “please,” “thank you,” “I love you.” Kids, however, take a while to learn how to use them. They need to be prompted in each situation to teach them which words to use when. So, the first time they say any of these magic words without prompting, the hardest challenge you have to face is trying to contain your pride and happiness. Your little angel is growing into a wonderful and polite young person.

Everyone has different moments that they treasure the most. It’s important to remember that every moment spent with a loved one is a moment to be cherished, especially when the loved one in question is the one that you made. These little ones always find ways to surprise us. Being bored is not just out of the question, it’s in a completely different realm.











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