6 Reasons Why Corn Is Actually Bad For You

6 Reasons Why Corn Is Actually Bad For You

24 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Where is that popcorn?! Corn is a staple in most of our diets, it may be in the form of a healthy snack or even a meal like salad. But the reality is how shockingly unhealthy it is. Here are some reasons why you should immediately do away with corn, altogether

1. Not really a Vegetable

Originally, corn was cultivated in central mexico which originated as a plant known as “Teosinte”. After which, it was the first ever engineered or modified food item and hence isn’t a real vegetable in its current state. Corn now is one of the only unhealthy grains with such high sugary and starchy.

2. Cannot be Digested

Corn contains two specific ingredients in its nutrition chart that can’t really be digested by the human body. One is the fiber cellulose that humans are incapable of digesting due to the absence of the enzyme needed. Second is the protein prolamins which can’t be broken down by the human body and even leads to issues such as a leaky gut.

3. Can activate an auto immune disease

Corn does not originally contain gluten but our body assumes corn to contain protein that has gluten. This can lead to irritation in your gut lining as well disturb your immune system. Corn is also high in the glycemic index which means that it easily converts into sugar which can contribute to inflammation and cause an insulin response.

4. Contains Lectin

Lectin, firstly, cannot be digested by our human body. We normally digest proteins into amino acids that is absorbed into the small intestine wall. However, lectin cannot digest and hence passes as a whole protein through our gut causing damage or inflammation.

5. More than 80% is genetically modified

More than 80% of corn produced is generically modified. Many research studies have found that genetically modified foods in rats are a leading cause of organ failure with corn being one of these foods.

6. Loaded with Pesticides

Corn made in today’s day isn’t organic in nature. Corn is seen to be loaded with insecticides and other harmful poisons. Bt or bacillus thuringiensis is one of the harmful substances found. Bt toxin is usually seen to accumulate in blood and is seen to cause problems in proper organ functioning.











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