6 Safe And Effective Ways To Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

6 Safe And Effective Ways To Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Becoming a mother, is the most delightful moment for a woman. However, associated with this joy is the tension of weight gain during the past nine months.

Recent studies show that women tend to retain their weight for at least a year after giving birth. Holding on to pregnancy weight can have drastic consequences like heart diseases and diabetes. We have come up with some safe and effective ways to lose weight post pregnancy. Let’s have a look and find the most suitable one for you!

1. Do not diet

Asking you not to diet might sound strange, but this is actually true. It has been observed that being deprived of your favourite food when you are already stressed out can lead to weight gain.

Going a healthy diet is necessary, but to a certain extent. Try to avoid excessive calories, but don’t consider dieting as an option.

2. Don’t sit, but move

Exercising is like a nightmare for the ladies. New mothers are mostly sleep deprived and too lazy to workout. Serious workout isn’t allowed for six months, although it is always a good idea to walk around. Simply moving the stroller helps.

Aerobics and strength training exercises can be incorporated in your everyday schedule. Exercises don’t only help in weight loss, but also helps fight depression and tackle sleep-related issues.

3. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding burns around 600-800 calories a day. So, by simply sitting and breastfeeding your baby, you lose the excess kilos in your body.

Once you stop breastfeeding, keep a check on your diet and don’t eat without thinking. This can lead to weight gain again. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

4. Drink water

Drinking a sufficient amount of water cures most of your problems. It keeps you hydrated and speeds up your metabolism. Water fills you up, so you don’t end up eating too much and gaining weight.

5. Take naps

Getting sufficient sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. It relaxes the body and prevents you from binge eating on high calorie and high sugar food. An irregular sleep cycle can harm your metabolism and make it difficult for you to lose your pregnancy weight.

6. Eat wisely

Always watch your calorie intake. Avoid junk food or a fad diet. Incorporate nutrients, proteins and calcium in your meals, and go for a balanced diet. Eating small, frequent meals will help you keep your blood sugar level steady and prevent you from overeating. Including fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products in your diet can be a good idea.

In case you aren’t being able to lose weight in spite of all these attempts, you need to consult your doctor or a nutritionist. The doctor will be able to advise you on when to start exercising and how weight to lose. The dietician can be helpful in designing a diet chart to help you get rid of excess weight.

Experts advise you not to go on a diet soon after pregnancy, to eat healthy and get proper sleep.

Stay healthy, stay fit!











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