6 Simple Ways To Make Your Childs Birthday Memorable Xyz

6 Simple Ways To Make Your Childs Birthday Memorable Xyz

26 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Birthday’s are probably the most special days in your life and, for most of us, it’s not the day, but the people around us who make this day special. And for your child, you are his/her world so on their birthday you have to do something special and memorable. Try these few ideas and your child will always remember their birthday.

1. SURPRISE!! It’s Party Time

The only thing better than a birthday party is a surprise birthday party with everyone who love and adore your child. Plan a surprise party in such a way that you include all the activities your child loves and keep surprising them one after the other during the party too.

2. Balloons Everywhere

The beginning of the day for the little one on his/her birthday can be made extremely special. While they sleep, fill their entire room with balloons and when they wake up, it will be laughter all around.

3. It’s Movie Time

Make a movie of a few minutes by asking everyone to record a message for the birthday boy/girl. Play it in the party and just watch the joy on your child’s face throughout.

P.S. – Don’t forget to add a little message from your own side in the end.

4. Time For A Family Trip

Road trips are always fun and they can become even more fun if you take your child to their favourite place or somewhere they always wanted to go without telling them. Just tell them you have to go to meet someone and take them to a theme park or game parlour instead, and the moment your child sees the place, they will surely start shouting with joy.

5. Let’s Go Treasure Hunting

Gone are the days when parents used to give only one big gift to the child and the birthday would be over. Instead, buy many small gifts for the child and hide them in different areas of the house and form clues for each gift. Make it a treasure hunt and let your child find the gifts one after the other. This activity will fill your bundle of joy with suspense and the happiness will spread across the house.

6. It’s Cheat Day

Yes, it is important for your child to eat healthy food, but once in a while, they should have the freedom to eat whatever they want and as much as they want. So, let them eat all they want to and make them their favourite dishes to make it a day they will never forget.