6 Stupid Reasons Couples Fight Xyz

6 Stupid Reasons Couples Fight Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is only common to have fights once in a while when you’re in a relationship but when the number keeps on increasing then the relationships might not work the way you want them to. There comes a point when all the couples have those unnecessary arguments that arise from the nonsensical topics.

Such unworthy matters can transform into a full-blown war in no time. Here are 6 of those reasons which are completely unnecessary to have a fight about, among couples:

1. Different Needs And Wants

You both are human beings and hence, are definitely not same. Maybe you’re outgoing, maybe he is not. Maybe you’d prefer staying at home reading a book with your cat—type of girl, maybe your partner would rather go out than staying at home doing the same. But this difference comes up as one of the stupid reasons and tada, you start fighting. You can always compromise and might like the things that way too. But even if you do that, you must remember personalities will not change and hence, you need to have a mutual understanding rather than an excuse to fight.

2. Social Media Wars

With the changing era, social media has become an inseparable part of anyone’s life and yet another obstacle to overcome—when it comes to relationships and dating. Whatever you do on the social media is out for the world to see, in few seconds, which also includes your partner. The common question of “Who’s that person?” eventually surfaces and along with it comes the trust issues—yet another petty reason.

3. Wild Imaginations/Hypothetical Scenarios

You have been thinking about this one thing for a while and then bam, here you go presenting an insane situation in front of your partner to check their loyalty and response. And if they don’t answer immediately or up to your expectation then you start to argue. Now, you must not start an argument with them just because you have this crazy imagination going on inside your head regarding your partner sleeping with your best friend when you’re dead or anything crazier than this one.

4. Different Hobbies And Interests

If your partner doesn’t like the kind of shows you like to watch, then it becomes, unexpectedly, a reason for you two to fight. No matter how dumb their hobbies or interests sound to you if they are happy with their choice, then it’s not something you should make fun about.

5. Past Happening Or Relationships

You cannot go picking a fight with your partner regarding the past relationships he’d before you even met, yet you do judge their choices, get mad and another big fight surfaces! That was the past and this is your present which you must not spoil just because of few bad choices you or your partner made before.

6. Not Remembering An Important Date Or Event

When you and your partner have a busy life then it’s only normal to be not able to remember few things once in a while, even if that means forgetting an important event or maybe each other’s birthday. This reason tends to hold an upper hand when it comes to petty fights, as in the end, you take such slips as an excuse to pick a fight with him or vice versa. But it’s not right, people forget things, you and he can forget things. Mark a calendar if you are that forgetful instead of arguing.











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